Learn from working industry professionals in an intense learning environment, CDW Studios offers the most up to date and relevant information to gain a career in the VFX and Entertainment Design industry.

Learn how to draw, paint and design from the best artists in the world in our instructional training digital downloads.

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CDW Studios School of Visual Effects and Entertainment Design has been running since 2011, providing students Australia wide with the most up to date and relevant education available to work in the VFX and entertainment design industry.

All CDW courses are taught by industry professionals who have worked for a range of international companies such as Disney, Blizzard Entertainment, Rising Sun Pictures, WETA, Wizards of the Coast and Lego just to name a few. The aim of CDW Studios is to deliver practical classes on topics that directly help hone skills used in the professional working environment.

Students experience learning in a realistic studio setting, and all classes are delivered using a state of the art multimedia facility. Each week instructors provide a live demonstration of the weeks work, before offering individual advice and feedback to all students. Students not only receive individual art critique each week, but are also able to view their instructors workflow, pipeline and techniques.

CDW Studios provide an intense learning experience combined with a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, catering for all skill levels. From 3D modeling to 2D character design, CDW Studios is the right place for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the visual effects and entertainment design industry.

Here is a collection of work from many of the incredibly talented students at CDW Studios.