Studying at CDW Studios

Studying full time at CDW Studios is the best way to fast track your career in the entertainment design and VFX industry. All classes at CDW Studios are taught by industry professionals, ensuring students receive an industry relevant education. With highly focused classes in a relaxed learning environment, CDW Studios employs a dedicated but encouraging environment for students to excel in.

  • Image courtesy of Lina Porras

    Lina Porras

    "CDW was not only one of the wisest decisions I made when I chose to study abroad, but also one of the most valuable and useful experience for my professional and personal life.

    I've been aware of the number of advantages of attending a worldwide recognized school. Additionally, I knew that at CDW I could gather experience of talented teachers who had been part of the industry for years. So, basically, that was why CDW was my choice among the others. The courses I attended, in fact, gave me a better understanding of how to deal with common task in any kind of production and relevant feedback that helped me to push things forward. They also kindly provided me, an unconditional, convenient and constant support when I had any problem with an assignment. That made the experience of study there simply amazing.

    Finally, CDW provided extracurricular activities, such as sketch club and life drawing that I found extremely useful. Those activities allowed me to practice and improve some skills while having fun with talented and diverse people passioned by drawing as me."

  • Image courtesy of Stuart Gant

    Stuart Gant

    "Studying at CDW was one of the best career related decisions I have made. The staff and instructors are all really friendly and approachable. The studio environment was relaxed and professional which made it really easy to make new friends and contacts within the Industry. The knowledge I have gained has been invaluable it is by far the best place to study in Australia for people interested in the entertainment industry. Through CDW i was lucky enough to gain employment as a texture and 3D artist in the animation field. If you are serious about a career in the entertainment industry I would highly recommend studying at CDW."

  • Image courtesy of Nathan Elmer

    Nathan Elmer

    "CDW was the first opportunity I had to study and get involved in the entertainment design industry. The teaching was very helpful from a beginner level through to more advanced skills. Mostly it's the community and contacts made in and around the school that have lead to job opportunities, and inspired me to study harder."

  • Image courtesy of Jono Coy

    Jono Coy

    "I studied at CDW as a full-time 2D student throughout 2014; and it was nothing short than amazing. Being surrounded by inspirational and creative people really helped me push for my goals as an artist. Not only the people who work beside me in the classroom, but being surrounded by working professionals really ties in well to build towards the confidence to take on entertainment design as a career. CDW teachers showcased not only important artistic ability and practises, but skills highlighting: work ethics, networking strategies, industry standards and possible pathways to take as a professional.

    CDW has opened so many doors for me and has pushed me towards new goals and new possibilities leading into 2015. I would recommend CDW as a school to pursue a career in entertainment design; for its determination to make your personal career a possibility, with hard work and dedication of course."